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"payment reward" promotion overview

During the target period, a bonus of up to 200% of the deposit amount will be presented only to those who have won the lottery.

(Bonus award rate varies depending on the winning content.)

Tickets can be confirmed from my page.


For example, if the winner of the bonus award rate of 100% is paid by bank transfer, the bonus award rate will be 200%!

(For credit card / bitwallet payments, this is the winning bonus rate.)

What is the Deposit Bonus Ticket?

Deposit Bonus tickets will be awarded a trading bonus when you deposit. The bonus amount you can receive depends on the ticket bonus rate.

If the ticket is 100%, if you deposit 100,000 yen, the account balance will be 200,000 yen. (100,000 payment + 100 thousand bonus = total 200,000 yen)

Note : Please read this before open a new account

・This campaign is for those who have won the lottery. Also, the bonus amount varies depending on the winning content.

・This campaign applies to Standard Account.

・This campaign does not apply to “dedicated accounts” of trading campaigns.

・The standard account opened via the cash back site is excluded from the bonus grant.

・For first deposit of promotion period. Only 1 time per customer.

・You will get reward either credit card or bank or bitwallet deposit process.

・Bonus will be applied only if you can confirm the arrival of money during the campaign period. It will be out of scope if the deposit date and time has passed the campaign date and time by bank transfer etc.

・The maximum bonus amount per account is 100,000 yen ($ 1,000) when the ticket is 200%, 1 million yen ($ 10,000) otherwise.

・Only bank transfers will double the bonus rate. In the case of credit card / bitwallet payment, the winning bonus award rate remains the same.

・It is impossible to withdaw the reward

・Bonus arbitrage by multiple accounts is prohibited.

・Bonuses acquired in this campaign will automatically disappear after one month.

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