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Trading Hours

Trading Hours

is6com is open 24hs. You can use our best service anytime.

Our trading time

  • 24hs you online trade
    anywhere anytime
  • Sunday GMT21:00
    〜 Friday GMT21:00
  • Japan Time
    Standard time Mon7:05~Sat6:50
    Daylight saving time Mon6:05~Sat5:50

About GMT

◆Trading hours in standard time
(Japan Time) Monday 07:05 - Saturday 06:50
◆Trading hours in daylight saving time
(Japan Time) Monday 06:05 - Saturday 05:50

Whole year, usual New York close will increase 1 hour at Summer time [from second Sunday of March to first Sunday of November(U.S)].

About trading hours in foreign exchange market

Fx market operates 24hs a day. Fx market is open for at around the world, like in London, Ny, Tokyo and Sydney.

We will let customer know begin time of world's foreign exchange market to trade without time pressure.

FX trading market active time

In Fx market, it is important to know the most active time on trading.

Sydney Time

AUD, NZD good connection

Tokyo Time

JPY currency good connection

London Time

EUR/ GBP good connection

Newyork Time

USD currency good connection

Especially, when London time and NY time are moving, GMT 13:00 - 16:00 moves more.

Our trading time

◆U.S standard time
JST : Monday 07:05 - Saturday 6:50
◆U.S daylight saving time
JST : Monday 07:05 - Saturday 6:50

About the time period mentioned above, trading is possible from an exclusive platform anytime 24hours.

No trading time

Around NY market close, JST 5:55-610 (If standard time 6:55-7:10)

※About no trading time
Trading is on going in some areas even the time period is close in other area, basically it is possible to trade anytime but we establish the time period which unable to trade.
This is a purpose to protect the customers from loss (spike gap) by spreading the spreads of the exchange market carelessly.
※Notice of trading (limit of order time and season)
Our priority is to provide the safe and fair trading environment to customers but there can be the thing that MT4 connection will rarely interrupted. (The frequency changes by your usage situation and environment)
In that case, new order and settlement order are not available. Protect assets by specifying stops each tradings.
In addition, there is a case to stop an order when a bank rate was blown off carelessly or in the time when aggravation and the fluidity of the market environment decrease.

Chrismas&New year's trading time guidance

  • 12/24 close at 19:00
    [※JST 12/25 2:00 (trade is from 1:55)]
  • 12/25 resume the trade from 9:05
    [※JST 12/26 16:05]
  • 12/31 close at 19:00
    [※JST 1/1 2:00 (trade is from 1:55)]
  • 1/2 resume the trade from 9:05
    [※JST 1/2 16:05]

Contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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