Trading Time

FX is trading in markets around the world.
The 24 -hour market is running between Monday and Friday on weekdays, so you can trade at any time you want.
Regarding virtual currency transactions, transactions can be made on weekdays and weekends, and the market will not be closed.

Summer time / winter time

Transaction time depends on summer time and winter time.
The first Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November is summer time.

Summer time (summer time)

It will be FOREX trading hours.

Winter time

It will be FOREX trading hours.

Transaction suspension time

Basically, the foreign exchange market can be traded 24 hours a day, but IS6FX has some time when trading cannot be done.
The reason is to protect your transactions from a loss (spike gap) due to the spread of spreads.

Summer time 5:55 〜 6:10
Winter time 6:55 〜 7:10

The above is the FOREX transaction suspension time.

About the trading time of IS6FX

Transaction time varies depending on the financial product.
Please check the trading hours of each product below.

Transactions with IS6FX

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