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Payment with mybitwallet is now possible

June 06, 2018 15:58

notice service

Thank you for using it all the time.

You can now make money to is6com from mybitwallet.

egarding withdrawal, please wait for a while now because it is being implemented now.

What is mybitwallet!?

mybitwallet is an online wallet (electronic wallet) provided by “eProtections”.

It can be created free of charge easily, and it is free without any maintenance cost.

Payment to mybitwallet also corresponds to credit card and domestic bank transfer. It is possible to do it quickly and also to withdraw to a bank account in Japan.

And mybitwallet can be used by most overseas FX traders, and it is attractive that we can manage the investment funds in one unit.

Register mybitwallet here

We hope for your continuous support and use of is6com.