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About leverage change accompanying presidential election in Turkey

June 20, 2018 13:45

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With the Turkish presidential election to be held on Sunday, June 24, 2018, the spread of the international financial markets will decrease due to liquidity declines and sharp fluctuations in the market price, possibly causing price differences.

In is6com, in order to protect customers against these risks, we will temporarily raise the necessary margin of the customer’s account (change the leverage ratio) temporarily.

■Implementation content

Implementation period

2018/6/22(Fri)18:00 ~ 2018/6/25(Mon)10:00
MT 4 hours (GMT + 3) * It is not Japan time

Depending on the market situation the end time may be around

Target currency pair USD/TRY
Leverage after change 50times

All holding positions are applicable during the implementation period.

In order to avoid mandatory loss cuts, we recommend that you settle the holding position and receive adjustments, or to ensure that sufficient funds are retained in the balance of the account so that no compulsory loss cut will occur.

We hope for your continuous support and use of is6com.