Signal Provider Terms of Service

The IS6FX Signal Provider Terms of Service (the "Terms") apply to all relationships between IS6 Technologies Ltd (the "Company") and the Signal Provider (the "Provider").

Article 1 Definition

The definitions of the main terms in this agreement are as listed in the following items.

1.Mirror trade service

It refers to the name of the system/service which allows you to copy trades by signal distribution provided by the Company.

2.Mirror trade

It refers to trading with the mirror trade service.


It refers to a user who uses the mirror trade service and receives signal distribution.

4.Mirror Trade Program

It refers to a mechanism to pay a predetermined reward to the provider in consideration of the user's mirror trade.

5.Provider account

It refers to an account operated by a provider.

Article 2 Usage

The Provider shall use the mirror trade service once he has agreed to these terms.

Article 3 Reward

The rewards earned in the Mirror Trade Program are the same as the partner rewards.In addition, bonus transactions and transactions within 5 minutes are not eligible for compensation.

Article 4 Cancellation

Cancellation of the use of the Mirror Trade Service can be canceled by contacting the Company from the partner support form.

Cancellation means suspension of access to your provider account.

Prior to canceling the use, the provider announces to the user that the provision of signal distribution will be stopped.

Article 5 Maintenance

Maintenance of the Mirror Trade Service shall be carried out on a regular or irregular basis, and the Provider may not object to the maintenance.

Article 6 Confidentiality and handling of personal information

  1. The Company shall not disclose the Provider registration information obtained through this agreement or the data obtained through the program to the outside without the approval of the Provider. However, this excludes cases of known information and cases of orders / investigations by courts, police or other administrative organizations.In addition, the provider agrees to notify the user of the provider's registration information when the Company deems it necessary for operation.
  2. The Provider shall not leak the specification information obtained by using the mirror trade service to a third party. However, known information shall be excluded.
  3. The Company shall handle the personal information of the Provider appropriately based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

Article 7 Agreement period

The term of this agreement shall be one year from the opening date of the provider account, and this agreement shall be renewed for another one year unless one of them indicates the intention to terminate the agreement by one month before the contract termination date. The same shall apply thereafter.

Article 8 Forced termination of Agreement

The Company shall be able to terminate this Agreement without any notice for the following reasons.

  1. If the Provider fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement
  2. If the Provider is doing something illegal
  3. When it is discovered that the registered name is false or that the name is changed and the mirror trade service is used.
  4. When it is discovered that you are using the mirror trade service under multiple names
  5. Disadvantages to users due to problems with delivery signals
  6. When it is discovered an act that is detrimental to the Company
  7. When a transaction that is considered malicious and targets the blind spot of the mirror trade service system is discovered.

If the agreement is forcibly terminated due to the reason stated in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall be able to confiscate the success fee incurred for the Provider and refuse to pay at all.

Article 9 Change / suspension of the Service

The Company may change or suspend the contents of the Service at any time.

Article 10 Contact method

Communication between the Provider and the Company shall be made via email and business chat tools.

In addition, the Provider cannot reject this contact email during the contract period.

Article 11 Change / suspension of service

The Company shall endeavor to maintain the service, operation, usage and the results of usage in a stable manner with the utmost efforts, but does not guarantee the following.

Article 12 Registration / Approval

The Company will approve it based on the information that the provider applies for at the time of registration. At the time of approval and thereafter, the Provider shall bear full responsibility for damages and damages caused by false declarations and acts.

Article 13 Restrictions on warranty

The Company shall endeavor to maintain the service, operation, usage and the results of usage in a stable manner with the utmost efforts, but does not guarantee the following.

  1. The service should be operated without any problems.
  2. Defects are always repaired.
  3. There should be no destructive components such as computer viruses in the service.
  4. Sufficient security methods are provided for these.

Article 14 Limited liability

If this Agreement is terminated in the middle of the term, neither party shall be liable for damages to the other party, regardless of the cause of the termination. The same shall apply even if the other party has warned in advance about the possibility of such loss or damage. This damage includes all damages such as profits and indirect damages.

Article 15 force majeure

In the event of non-performance due to reasons beyond the parties' reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, inaction of authorities, fires, strikes, floods, plagues, riots or acts of war, any party shall be obliged to this Agreement. We shall not be liable for delays or inability to perform.

Article 16 Jurisdiction

The proceedings regarding this agreement and this agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the country in which the Company operates.If a dispute arises with the Provider, the Company will discuss with each other and aim for a peaceful resolution, but if the Company judges that it is difficult to resolve, we have agreed to make it a court owned by our operating country according to the amount of the complaint.

Article 17 Revision of terms and conditions

This agreement and terms may be changed or revised at any time without the consent of the provider at our discretion.

September 1, 2021