You can receive a bonus of up to ¥ 30,000 by opening a new seat.
There is a deadline for receiving benefits and is valid only during the campaign period.

A new account opening up to ¥30,000

  1. After the account is opened, a bonus ¥10,000 will be given when the SMS authentication, identity verification document, and face authentication confirmation is completed.
  2. During the campaign period ¥30,000 or more of the payment in the ¥20,000 bonus (a total of ¥30,000) will be granted.
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Welcome bonus
(Deposit 100% bonus)

We will give you a 100%bonus for payment.
The bonus maximum amount is ¥60,000.

The account type for the bonus is for either "Standard Account" or "EX Account" by lottery.

Because the margin is doubled, it is possible to acquire great profits. Please use it at a great price.

About welcome bonus

If you use it in combination with a welcome bonus (payment 100 % bonus), you can get a total of ¥60,000 bonus with a payment of ¥30,000, and you can trade as a ¥90,000 margin.

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Example of bonus granted

Example: If the deposit is ¥60,000 in the standard account

"Payment ¥60,000"+"deposit bonus ¥60,000"+"account opening ¥30,000 bonus" = margin ¥150,000

With a deposit of ¥60,000, you can trade with a margin of ¥150,000.

Only the standard account can receive both new and deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Campaign period

2023/02/06 07:00 (Mon) from ~
2023/02/11 07:00 (Sat) Until


For account opening bonus

  • The standard is the Standard Crypto account.
  • If the account currencies are BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC, you will not be able to receive an account opening bonus even in the bonus account type.
  • No bonus will be given for opening an additional account.
  • Customers who received new account opening bonus in the past are not eligible.
    Also, even if you reopen an account after canceling the previous one, you are not eligible for the bonus.
  • If you cannot confirm the SMS authentication and identification documents, or face authentication, the bonus will not be given.
  • The granted bonus can't be withdrawn.
  • If you do not have ¥30,000 or more of the payment during the campaign period, account opening bonus ¥20,000 will not be granted.
  • Outside the campaign period, if the identification is approved, account opening bonus will be ¥5,000.

Payment for 100% bonus

  • The account type for the bonus is for either the "Standard Account", the EX account, or the two -mouth seat type by lottery.
  • Credit cards and bank transfer deposits are 100 % bonus, and payment by virtual currency is 50 % bonus.
  • Cannot be used with bonus tickets.
  • If you use a bonus ticket, bonus tickets are prioritized.
  • Only the first payment during the campaign period will be given bonuses.
  • The bonus maximum amount is up to ¥60,000.
  • The granted bonus can't be withdrawn.

About cancellation of bonuses

If the acts that are contrary to the terms of use or are suspicious, or the following acts are confirmed, the account is frozen if the bonus is canceled, the transaction canceled, the leverage regulation, and the maliciousness. I may do it.

  • High -risk transactions using bonuses
  • Transactions lacking fairness using bonuses in multiple accounts
  • If there are any actions that cause damage to us, such as arbitrage transactions using bonuses, other acts that fall under the price operation, and abuse of the market.
  • When the same or the same terminal is used in a different name or the same terminal, or if it is determined to operate multiple accounts.

We cannot guarantee the loss/profit caused by bonus cancellation, transaction cancellation, and leverage regulations. In addition, we will not respond to inquiries after execution, so please make a transaction that complies with the terms and conditions and guidelines.