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About partner rewards

About partner rewards

IS6FX partner compensation (IB compensation) adopts a form of lifetime commission that allows you to obtain continuous compensation
according to the FX trading volume of the trader introduced. Unlike general affiliates, where rewards
are generated depending on the number of contracts opened, the feature is that rewards continue to be
generated one after another each time the introduced trader makes a transaction with IS6FX.

Partners can introduce IS6FX by using websites, blogs, various SNS, etc.,
and by using the online community and word of mouth
to encourage traders to open an account and manage assets.

After registering as a partner, we offer an analytics page dedicated to partners. You can use it to check the daily transaction reward amount and analyze the transaction status of traders.

Realization of lifetime commission of long-term and large profits is possible with IS6FX IB reward.

Micro Account

(1 lot of micro account will be 1,000 of the currency)

0.3 to 1 pip (1 LOT per round trip)

Standard account

(1 lot of standard account will be 100,000 of the currency)

0.3 to 1 pip (1 LOT per round trip)

At the start of partner registration, the IB reward will start from the above minimum value. However, the reward may increase depending on the promotion activity status.

Precautions for IB rewards (must read)

  • IB報酬は日本円(JPY)でのお支払となります。但し、ご出金先の銀行が海外の場合はドルでのお支払となります。
  • The rewards are not applicable to transactions for bonuses given to traders.
  • Settlements within 5 minutes of holding a position are not eligible for compensation.
  • It is forbidden for partners to collude with themselves, relatives or third parties to earn rewards.
  • Transactions by violators of the Terms of Service via IB may be exempt from compensation for the relevant transactions after they are discovered.
  • Reward payment will paid on the 15th of the month following the end of the month.
  • It is prohibited to attract customers in the form of disguising as the official website of IS6FX. Domain, copyright, site structure, sites judged to be malicious by us, etc.