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What is is6com!?

What is is6com

is6com is FX broker that established to provide the best financial service for investors around the world.
We aim to be the trusted company that always alert to investor's request and will continue to evolve.

Strength of is6com

Trusted Trading

In is6com, we use DNN system which without going through dealing desk and provide no requote and slippage trading.

Quick account activity response

We provide quick service to deposit and withdrawal transaction.

Secured Funds Management

Your investments and funds have kept safe by biqg banks around the world. You will never lose your money investing. And we use 0-cut-system to all customers equally so that even your balance became minus, it doesn't cause the remargin.

Full Support System

We have resident support stuff who is well experienced and fluent in foreign language. We will respond quickly and politely to your any questions.

No remargin of high-leverage

In is6com, it is possible to deal with world's highest level, leverage 1000 times! And we use 0-cut-system that will not lose more than investment capital. You can have a position in a big way without worry.

Actualize the fastest contract rate

With development of the original system, we succeeded to show an average contract speed 0.29 sec, contract rate 99.46%. We promise you to execute "You can trade on the spot whenever you want to trade" trading process.

Low spreads account response

We provide 0.5 smaller spreads and 1 pips smaller accounts. With smaller spreads you can keep your cost down.

Fulfilling Campaign

We provide bonus and campaign to custome. You can campaign with no risk by opening a new account.

Completion in 5 minutes in minimum in opening account

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