What is IS6FX?

What is IS6FX?

IS6FX is a Forex broker established to provide the best financial services to investors around the world.
We strive to be a company that continues to evolve, that maintains your trust and that is sincerely conscious of the investors needs.

Greetings from the CEO

IS6 Global Group

IS6 Technologies Ltd(FX broker management)
Founder&CEO Nuno Amaral(Owner and Chief Executive Officer)



Nuno Amaral


Former GMO Group
GMO Global Sign (Global Sign Ltd. UK) CS
Global Vice President

Established a consulting & Holdings company TEC World LTD, taking advantage of the internet security business, solution business, and the know-how of the hosting business.
Acquisition of all Old IS6COMs and start the FX broker business as IS6FX.
All-company integration with business expansion and branding. IS6 Global Group, IS6 Technologies, as a management mother.

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A message from our CEO

In order to make IS6FX a world -class fintech company, we operate it every day with the improvement of technology and usability. We will continue to evolve by incorporating the know -how cultivated in IT companies into IS6FX.
Our mission is to provide the best financial services to you.

History of IS6FX



Former is6com.inc launches service as white label service in Seychelles

September 2020


TEC World Group, an IT consulting and holding company headquartered in Seychelles, acquires all operating rights of the former is6com inc.

October 2020


Established a new brand management company, IS6FX Ltd. Along with that, in order to improve the server problem, he will be independent from the white label.
Started service as IS6FX.

February 2022


With business expansion and branding, all businesses are integrated and newly become IS6 Global Group. IS6 Technologies will be now as a management mother.

October 2022

IS6 Vietnam customer service

New customer support in Hanoi, Vietnam. 82 employees worldwide.

January 2023


Crypto asset trading started
Point & Gacha system introduction

Introduction of IS6FX office

IS6FX is expanding its services globally, focusing on Asian countries as well as English-speaking countries.

Vietnamese Customer Support Center Scenery

A futuristic building
At the entrance, you will see the IS6FX sign.
Clean entrance and strict security
State of training
Vietnamese customer team
Dealing team
Support -related Zoom Meeting
Lunch meeting
Meeting before the meeting
CEO Special Seminar