Prohibited behavior

In using the Service, you confirm that you have not directly or indirectly committed any illegal activity with your funds and won't use the Service or Trading Platform for remittance purposes.
In addition, under the applicable jurisdiction, you will not use the services for fraudulent purposes or prohibited transactions (including money laundering).

If we suspect of illegal or inappropriate activities such as money laundering or trading outside the market rate, we may terminate the provision of services to you.
If your account is closed or frozen under these circumstances, we aren't obligated to refund the funds in your account.

In our sole discretion, we hold the right to terminate your ability to access services and trading platforms, freeze your account, and deny you access to our other websites, servers, or any other services we offer.
We reserve the right to notify your identity to relevant agencies and other online service providers, banks, credit card companies, wire transfer providers, or other financial institutions in the event of suspected illegal, fraudulent, or inappropriate activity by you and you shall fully cooperate with the investigation.

You must not do any of the following prohibited acts. In the unlikely event that prohibited acts are discovered, the services may be unconditionally suspended or the registration may be deleted, and the reward may be frozen.
In some cases, legal action shall be taken. We will determine whether or not there is a prohibited act and we will not need to explain the content or grounds to the customer.

  • Used by anyone other than the account holder
  • Using one account with multiple people
  • Register as a non-existent user
  • Register by those under the age of 18
  • Registration by antisocial forces and a person with criminal and law violating records, and person prohibited at our own discretion.
  • Being a person under conservatorship or a person under assistance, registering without the consent of the person under conservatorship or assistant at the time of application
  • Entering false information in the declaration items, making mistakes, or intentionally registering in a state of omission
  • Have two or more trader or partner accounts under the same name (unless we specifically approve)
  • Doing illegal or suspicious activities
  • Trades that get unfair trade rewards
  • Trades deemed inappropriate at our discretion
  • Perform hedging transactions such as cross order with accounts of multiple vendors (or multiple traders)
  • Having multiple accounts at our company and conducting hedging transactions such as cross order
  • Third parties repeat deposits, trades and/or withdrawals at the same time
  • Trades that are considered malicious, targeting blind spots in services and systems provided
  • Malicious trades that are conducted only at the time of economic indicators and US employment statistics are released, and when the market price fluctuates rapidly due to government and central bank intervention
  • Trading in large lots without prior notice
  • Interfering with our business, whether intentionally or negligently
  • Infringing the copyrights and other rights of the Company and its contractors
  • Defaming our company or a third party, damaging our reputation and causing disadvantages
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, personality rights such as portrait rights, other legal rights or rights worthy of protection, or violation of related laws and regulations
  • Infringing on the privacy of third parties
  • Acts that mislead consumers' judgment, or not preferable from consumer's standpoint by our sole discretion.
  • Anti-social behavior, violation of laws and regulations and what we prohibit as appropriate

We use advanced proprietary technology to identify users who commit fraudulent or illegal activity.
You may not break into or access our security measures to circumvent this.

If we determine that you are in breach of the Terms, in our sole discretion, we may immediately terminate your access to the services or close your account.
We may also notify a third stakeholder of any breach of the Terms.

About using EA

There are no restrictions on the use of EA, but if the number of transactions and the volume of transactions are large, the covered financial institutions may temporarily or continuously suspend your current and future transactions without notice for risk hedging and customer asset protection due to a rapid increase in transactions. In addition, similar measures may be enforced depending on the logic (trading strategy) of EA. In some cases, we may consider it an inappropriate trading act at our discretion and take measures to suspend the account.

About measures for cross order transactions that abused the deposit bonus

We prohibit cross order transactions using bonuses from multiple accounts (Article 12, Paragraph 9, Paragraph 12 of the Terms of Use). If we determine that the transaction is a cross order transaction that abuses the bonus while holding the position, we may immediately close the position (forced settlement) or take measures to invalidate the transaction. If the decision is made after the transaction is settled, the withdrawal amount will be the amount after deducting the loss compensation amount (the amount borne by us at Zero Cut Stem) when applying for withdrawal. This decision is made by our monitoring team and may differ from the customer's intention, but we may execute it when doubt arises. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Low latency trading
Prohibition of (latency arbitrage)

Latency trading (latency arbitrage) occurs when transactions are repeated in a very short period of time.
Since a large number of transactions are generated by following this strategy, it greatly affects the transactions of other traders.
We prohibit transactions that fall under low latency trading (latency arbitrage).
If we confirm or trace applicable transactions, we will invalidate all applicable transactions, refund the principal deposited by the customer (if there is already withdrawn amount, the withdrawn amount will be deducted), and delete the applicable account. Also, even if you create a new account, as soon as it is discovered, all transactions will be invalidated regardless of the trade content, and the principal deposited by the customer (if there is already withdrawn amount, withdrawn amount will be deducted) will be refunded, and then the account will be deleted.

About leverage

The ability to utilize high leverage with IS6FX is intended to make it easier for customers to perform appropriate risk management, but we may modify the leverage and selected parameters across all client accounts at our own discretion.
Applying a change in the leverage ratio may have an impact before or after the order is completed.
Lower leverage ratios can affect your margin level, margin call level, and stop-out level. We aren't responsible for any loss resulting from changes in the leverage ratio. We perform leverage control for financial compliance and customer risk management, not for customer interests.