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Currency Pairs and spread

Currency Pairs and spread

For traders, small range of spreads is important to keep cost down.

But we, is6com consider to be a balanced broker. In fact, there are some bankrupt forex company due to promoting 0 spreads and calling traders who is not paying the charges.

Our corporate philosophy is to respond to smaller spreads than average and quick balanced management.

We provide the responsive of customer's needs service by cooperate with liquidity provider, many-sided trading market and provider of high fluidity like lime broker and also it is possible to trade various currency with low price spreads.

To work in coexistence with customers.
We will support customers without thought of immediate gain.

About spreads

Spread is the difference between selling and purchasing price which uses pips to show.
This will be transaction fee. Currently, the range of spread depends on type of account. Every types of accounts adopt floating spread.

We will present a small sum mark-up which presented price by liquidity provider.
We do not collect other hidden cost than that.
We will present every costs clearly and we promise not to hide any mark-ups.

Our spread

  • We can keep less than fx's standard spreads by non-spread account of major currency pair
  • Exterminate the requote and refusing contract rate
  • No hiding mark up
    Sincere trade
  • An excellent execution method

Our spread table

Spread of is6com is variable.Below is the spread of the average value.

Micro Account

AUD / CAD4.7 pips
AUD / CHF4.4 pips
AUD / JPY3.7 pips
AUD / NZD4.3 pips
AUD / USD2.5 pips
CAD / JPY3.8 pips
CHF / JPY3.6 pips
EUR / AUD4.3 pips
EUR / CAD4.6 pips
EUR / CHF3.2 pips
EUR / GBP2.5 pips
EUR / JPY2.9 pips
EUR / NZD6.8 pips
EUR / USD1.9 pips
EUR / ZAR190.0 pips
GBP / AUD6.1 pips
GBP / CAD6.4 pips
GBP / CHF5.1 pips
GBP / JPY3.9 pips
GBP / NZD9.2 pips
GBP / USD3.1 pips
NZD / JPY3.9 pips
NZD / USD3.4 pips
USD / CAD2.7 pips
USD / CHF2.9 pips
USD / CNH25.5 pips
USD / HKD18.5 pips
USD / JPY2.0 pips
USD / MXN60.0 pips
USD / SGD5.6 pips
USD / TRY20.4 pips
USD / ZAR85.0 pips
ZAR / JPY3.3 pips

Standard Account

AUD / CAD3.8 pips
AUD / CHF3.5 pips
AUD / JPY2.9 pips
AUD / NZD3.4 pips
AUD / USD2.0 pips
CAD / JPY3.0 pips
CHF / JPY2.9 pips
EUR / AUD3.4 pips
EUR / CAD3.7 pips
EUR / CHF2.5 pips
EUR / GBP2.0 pips
EUR / JPY2.3 pips
EUR / NZD5.5 pips
EUR / USD1.5 pips
EUR / ZAR185.0 pips
GBP / AUD4.8 pips
GBP / CAD5.1 pips
GBP / CHF4.4 pips
GBP / JPY3.1 pips
GBP / NZD7.6 pips
GBP / USD2.4 pips
NZD / JPY3.1 pips
NZD / USD2.7 pips
USD / CAD2.1 pips
USD / CHF2.3 pips
USD / CNH21.0 pips
USD / HKD15.0 pips
USD / JPY1.6 pips
USD / MXN55.0 pips
USD / SGD4.5 pips
USD / TRY18.9 pips
USD / ZAR80.0 pips
ZAR / JPY2.8 pips

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