The IS6FX adopts a zero cut system that minimizes losses, and has no addition.
Since there is no loss beyond the margin, you can trade with leverage with confidence.

Zero cut system

With the zero cut system, if the balance is negative due to a sudden market fluctuation, IS6FX will pay negative losses, and IS6FX will be losing negative losses and reset the account balance to zero. say.

About zero cut processing of IS6FX

  • If you have a negative balance + credit after all position closing, the negative amount will be offset by credit.
Example Account balance Credit
Before zero cut -¥300,000 ¥500,000
After zero cut 0 ¥200,000
  • Zero cut is done for 2 hours. (Even number hours 0 minutes)
  • If you make a deposit at the time of negative balance, zero cut processing will be performed at the time of payment.
  • If you transfer money to a negative balance account, zero cut processing will be performed when funding is transferred.

If a negative balance is held and a position is held, there will be no zero cut processing.

Transactions with IS6FX

When you open an account, you will receive ¥3,000 margin!

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