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In IS6FX, most liquid crude oil (energy), as well as FX and stock index, can be traded in the same account and platform.

We handle two types of energy of WTI crude oil and Purento crude oil.

Energy Toshimashite features of, located in the volatility of the high price.

Growth and political factors in the world economy, environmental factors will reflect the impact on the price.

The advantage of trading at IS6FX

The next day settlement (overnight) None

It can be high high Boratariti rate of return transactions

Uses MetaTrader4

Able to trade with
the same account as Forex

Trading terms

Energy product in any account type will be the same spread trading conditions.

symbol Lowest price fluctuation value per lot スプレッド
Minimum / maximum number of orders Need Margin
Limit / reverse limit
level (point)
Brent 0.01 100 Barrels 9 1lot / 1000lot 2% / 50 times 20 -0.68 / -0.39
WTI 0.01 100 Barrels 9 1lot / 1000lot 2% / 50 times 20 -0.68 / -0.39

Time of Trading

symbol Server time Monday
(MT4 hours)
(MT4 hours)
(MT4 hours)
Brent GMT+3 03:10 03:10 ~ 23:55 23:05
WTI GMT+3 03:05 03:05 ~ 23:55 23:40