IS6FX VPS(Virtual Private Server)

What is IS6FX VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. PC needs to be on-line all the time when using MT4 with automatic trading software such as Expert Adviors (EA), but keeping a PC running all the time exposes you to a risk of suffering a loss when EA stops running due to a power outage, accident, PC machine trouble, network issues, etc.

IS6FX VPS eliminates such risks and provides a better trading environment. By using a dedicated VPS environment, you can run EA without keeping your PC running. In addition, the VPS provider monitors the environment 24 hours a day, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Offers free VPS service

Free VPS with total balance of
¥ 500,000 ($ 5,000) or more, including additional accounts

The bonus amount isn't included.
We will check your account balance when you apply for VPS.
It will be free, if the total balance meets the condition at the time of applying.
Also, if your month end account balance meets the amount condition, you will be eligible to use the service for free on the next month.

You can apply for the service
even if you don't meet your account balance condition.

For a monthly fee of $ 28/month you can sign up for the IS6FX VPS.
A $ 28 fee will be deducted from the specified MT4 account when applying for the VPS.
Also, if the total account balance at the end of each month is less than ¥ 500,000 ($ 5,000)
A $ 28 fee will be automatically deducted from your MT4 account on the first Monday of every month.
(In the case of a yen-denominated account, the amount will be converted into dollars at the rate of the day.)

VPS Specification

The provider of VPS will be "IS6 Technologies Ltd."
Only one MT4 can be installed.

  • OS



  • CPU


    Core 2.4GHz

  • メモリ



  • HDD



How to apply for VPS

Step 1

If you already have an account, please login to HOME and access the "VPS Application" link in My Menu on the right side of the screen.

Step 2

Please read the checklist before applying and click the apply button to complete the application.
If you have multiple accounts, please select the account and then press the Apply button.
We will prepare for the VPS as soon as we confirm your application request.
It may takes some time before you can start using it.

Step 3

When the VPS is ready, a client support representative will send the VPS connection information to your email address.


If you would like to apply for VPS,
please use the button below.

If you have an IS6FX account,
please apply from HOME.

If you don't have an IS6FX account,
Please open an account first.

Open a new account (free)(Only 60 seconds to open an account)