Easy to understand even for beginners forex trading is6com


Easy to understand even for beginners forex trading is6com

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What is "is6com"?

A Financial Service Provider that privides the financial service specialized in FX

is6com is a financial service provider that provides the financial service specialized in FX
Our mission is “To provide the best service to customers”, we will work together with customers while awaring of needs and working on reform positively to contribute the developing of global financial market.
Our company will respond to various requests and we promise to provide customers the best trading environment with secured and trustworthy system.

Features of is6com

  • Secured Funds Management
  • Leverage 1,000 times
    No remargin
  • Contract speed 0.29sec
  • 24hs Support
    (Also in Japan)
  • MT4

Secured Funds Management

Customer’s fund is at is6com’s secured safekeeping.
Customer’s fund will deposit to top bank that perfectly separated from our funds.

Leverage 1,000 times No remargin

With is6com, it is possible to make deal with 1,000 times, industry’s highest level of leverage. High leverage often seems like it is a symbol of high risk, but the fact is completely opposite.
You can operate the active leverage in peace.

Contract speed 0.29sec

With success of the special dealing development, there is 99.46% contract data within 0.29 sec, and we will offer the industry’s best rate contract.

24hs support (Correspond to Japanese)

Our specialized team of experienced support stuff will respond to customer’s questions by e-mail and we will support the cutomer to have the best trading exprience.
If you have any questions, comments and suggestions please cdo not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is available 24hs a day/5days a week.

MT4 Platforms

Meta trader is a friendly user wolrd’s popular FX platform with uncomplicated programming function.
MT4 tarminal is highly customizable with using plently list of platform such as indicators and chart tools.

How to use MT4

I will tell you how to use MT 4 for beginners who can start FX now

More on usage