Mirror Trading System

About mirror trading system

Mirror trade is a mechanism in which recipients do the same transaction by signal distribution.
This is a system for partners who want to provide customers.
It is a perfect service for partners who distribute automatic trading software (EA).
The distribution of EA was provided with resources other than EA development, such as preparing the setting manual and EA setting support for customers, but by using the mirror trading system, the distribution of EA is unnecessary in the first place, and customers. The corresponding resources are reduced.
In addition, customer side does not require VPS contracts or EA settings, and can invest in the investment of EA purchase costs, so it is a system that has advantages for both.

Mirror Trade Mechanism

A signal delivery (follower account) can optionally set signal reception.
If the reception is turned on, the transaction volume will change depending on the lot setting magnification.

Flow to use


If you would like to use the mirror trading system, please contact mirrortrade-support@is6.com.
We perform simple hearing such as how to attract customers and asset amount.


We will issue a provider account that will be the signal distribution source to your partner.
The specified amount will be handed over with the deposit to the account. There is no need to deposit to the account.
The partner management screen provides a screen that allows you to check an account (follower account) that receives the signal.


Prepare to issue a special campaign link to automatically follow the provider account.
By opening an account or opening an additional account from the link, it is linked to the provider account.
In addition, existing accounts cannot be followed to the provider account.