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How to withdraw from your account

At IS6FX, we consider deposit/withdrawal actions to be the most important factor in trading.
All deposit and withdrawal procedures are protected by SSL technology, and a high level of confidentiality is achieved by a highly skilled technical support team.
In addition, we have set up a specialized support team to respond to customer requests and have a system in place to respond promptly.

IS6FX aims to be the fastest in the industry processing deposits and withdrawals, so that we can build a trusting relationship with our customers. We will continue to provide customer-first services.

How to withdraw from your account

Withdrawal method Withdrawal currency Time required to withdraw Withdrawal fee Minimum withdrawal amount
Withdrawal method Withdrawal currencyJPY (※1) Time required to withdraw3-5 business days (※2) Withdrawal feeFree up to once a month (※3) Minimum withdrawal amount5,000JPY

(※1) Withdrawals will be denominated in yen. Withdrawals from dollar-denominated accounts will be converted into yen at the rate provided by us when sending the funds
(※2) It may change depending on the business day of the receiving bank and the transit bank.
(※3) Withdrawals from the second time onward will be subject to a withdrawal fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount. If the withdrawal amount is 200,000 JPY (2,000 USD) or less, the flat rate will be 4,500 JPY (45 USD).
If you withdraw without making any transaction after depositing, a flat withdrawal fee of 4,500 JPY (45 USD) will be charged.
Due to remittances from foreign banks, fees may be charged separately for the receiving bank and transit bank.