Our Vision
and Value

Aiming to be an evolving global financial services provider

IS6FX will continue to provide the best financial services to people all over the world.
Our mission is to create an investment environment that can make you smile as well as make you feel easy and comfortable.

The future that IS6FX aims for

62% of the world, 54% of developing countries, and about half of the world's population do not have bank accounts. However, financial services are now evolving to the point where the term fintech is coined with the advancement of financial technology. IS6FX wants to improve security with the progress of financial technology and create a future where even people who couldn't open a bank account can now easily invest and micro-invest. The first step for IS6FX is to become a global financial services provider.
We sttrive for a world where you can get a smile from your investment.

10 action policies

IS6FX promises with "10 action policies" to grasp all the needs of customers and improve the service every day.

Customer satisfaction

We aim to improve customer satisfaction by improving the services we provide.

Speed deposit/withdrawal process

We aim to be the fastest in terms of speed by providing a safe and easy-to-use deposit and withdrawal method.

Compliance with corporate ethics

We won't violate the law and ethics.

Security and conservation of funds

We will keep your funds safe in the best possible environment.


We protect your personal information with a thorough system management.

Improved usability

We provide services that can be used with ease and simplicity.

24/7 support

We accept inquiries through email, chat, and LINE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also aim for a response time of less than a day.

Language support

We will establish an operational system that can respond immediately in any language.

Latest technology introduction

We aim to introduce the latest technology with constant research and development.

Evolution and change

We will continue to adjust to the fast-evolving fintech industry's changes.