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Sub -partner function

What's a sub-partner?

A sub -partner is a mechanism that introduces partners (2 tier systems).
If your partner introduces a new partner, you will be your sub -partner.
10 % of the sub -partner's rewards will be your reward as a referral fee.
There is no upper limit on the referral fee. By acquiring a lot of sub -partners, you can earn unearned income.

2 Tier system mechanical diagram

5 Tier systems are also facilities

There is also a 5 -tier system specialized for the general agency.
A group can be created directly below the general agency, and rewards are automatically distributed to each company.
If you are using this system, please contact partner-support@is6.com.
Please note that this system cannot be used even if registered by partner registration.

(Example) When working at the Society A Company A / 2nd agency Company C / 3rd agency
Here, we will set the group settings of Company A, C Company C, and F and set up remuneration when each company attracts customers.

(Distribution example)

100 % reward if Company A attracts customers
If Company C attracts customers, 70 % for Company C and 30 % for Company A.
If Company F is attracted to customers, 60% for Company F, 30% for Company C, 10% for Company A.

Once the group setting is completed, Company A, C, Company F will be able to issue a campaign link for this group.