About IS6 points

What is IS6 points!?

IS6 Points (ISP) are points that can be earned by logging into the IS6FX home page and making transactions.
There is no upper limit for acquiring points.
The more trading you, the more points you can get.

With the points you have accumulated, you can spin a gacha that wins a deposit bonus without losing.
It is a great service that collects points just by logging in and making transactions, so please take advantage of it.

There are two ways to earn IS6 points

There are two ways to acquire IS6 points, and the grant images are different.

Method 1: Earn points by logging in

conditions login to home* You can get it once a day
Reflection Instant reflection
Attached ISP 1point

Method 2: Earn Points on Transactions

Target account Standard account, EX account, mirror trade account, crypto account
Target stock All brands
conditions You can get a transaction with the target account
Reflection Reflected the next day
Attached ISP

1 point per transaction amount of ¥1,500,000

What is the transaction amount!?

It will be the necessary margin before leverage when ordered.

How to calculate the transaction amount

Transportation x contract size x contract price

Example 1

If you order 1lot when the contract price is ¥ 140 in USDJPY.STD
1 x 100000 x 140 = 14,000,000
14 million yen will be the transaction amount, and you will get 14,000,000 ÷ 1,500,000 = 9.33ISP.

Example 2

If you order 2Lot when the contract price is $ 1.03000 in Eurusd.std
$ 1 = ¥ 140
2 x 100000 x 1.03000 x 140 = ¥28,840,000
28.84 million yen is the transaction amount, and you can get 28,840,000 ÷ 1,500,000 = 19.22ISP.

  • Transactions using bonuses are subject to points, but the transaction volume changes from the balance ratio for margin (balance + bonus).
    Example) If 1Lot trading is 200,000 yen for 100,000 and bonus ¥ 200,000, the balance ratio for margin will be 50 % and the transaction volume will be aggregated as 0.5Lot.
  • Transactions with a position holding time of less than 10 minutes are not eligible for points (ISP).
  • Accounts via FINALCASHBACK / TARITALI are not subject to point (ISP).
  • If you haven't earned points for 60 days from the last date you got the points, the earned points (ISP) will expire.

How to use IS6 points!?

Point confirmation method

If you log in, you can check your current point balance and point acquisition history from the point menu.



Please log in to check and use points.

Click here for login

Those who do not have an IS6FX account yet

Click here to open an account

To use the point

There is no loss in gacha!

You can turn the gacha with IS6 points.
Gacha prizes include up to 600%deposit bonus.

Please proceed to the gacha page from the link on the point page.