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Margin and Leverage

Margin and Leverage

We provide the advanced financial trading service with our motto, "User-friendly, Sincere, Time-critical".
We will make all no-requote and no-contract rate denial orders happen within 1 sec execution.

Our margin and leverage

  • With highest leverage 1000 times
    earn the largest profit with a small sum
  • With Advanced margin + Bonus
    Start trading wisely
  • At nights and weekends
    No margin rate change
  • Bonus&campaign
    Open at any time

About margin

In process of FX trading, we call a certain amount of cash to be deposited as guarantee in an opened account as "margin".
The necessary margin can be calculated from the following formula.

◆Margin requirement
(Transaction currency amount x Quantity ÷ leverage) X Conversion rate for account based currency

It is possible to get big deal with small sum by using leverage, 5%~10% of money to trade as margin.

About leverage.

In Fx, it is possible to operate larger funds than original fund even your fund is small.
For example, when you use 10 times leverage, your trading money will be 10 times 10,0000 yen or 100,0000yen.
It is possible to earn large profit with small sum by trading leverage.
At the same time, the risk of forced loss-cut increases and the leverage becomes high but even if the margin balance becomes negative, no need for addition / additional payment thanks to 0 cut system adopted by our company.
You can process investment leverage with low-risk.

Realize the largest profit, leverage 1,000 times with investment efficiency

Realized the providing leverage of MAX 1,000 times as our greatest attraction.
It is possible to trade 10000,0000yen with the leverage 1,000 times, dealings of 10,0000 yen.
In this way, by making leverage more effective, we can manage assets with a low risk without limitation by accounts or trading methods even with a small sum.
You will benefit greatly by buying and selling multiple currencies of cash on hand and controlling the funds well.

The higher the leverage, the more the asset value of the account can fluctuate widely even with small movements in the exchange rate.
However, even with such unforeseen circumstances, the 0 cut system adopted by our company will minimize the loss of customers.
We do not reset negative accounts, we will not charge the difference.
We focused on trade with 0 cut system without asset management or remargin with high leverage.
We promise to offer our customers an attractive environment for traders.

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