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Margin and leverage

Margin and leverage

IS6FX has achieved the industry's highest leverage of 1000 times.
By making good use of leverage management, you can start FX trading with efficient funds and small collateral.

IS6FX Margin and Leverage

  • With a maximum leverage of 1,000 times
    Maximum profit from a small amount
  • With your own margin + bonus
    Start trading with a margin
  • At night and on weekends
    No change in margin rate
  • Bonus campaign from time to time
    On going

About margin

Margin is a certain amount of cash that you deposit as collateral in the account opened for Forex trading.

The required margin can be calculated from the formula below.

Margin requirement
(Trading currency amount x Quantity ÷ Leverage) x Conversion rate to account-based currency

Trading with the funds to be secured is called margin trading and FX is "foreign exchange margin trading".

By leveraging 5% to 10% of the amount you want to trade as margin, you can make large transactions with a small amount. The feature of Forex is that you can make this fund-efficient transactions.

About leverage

In Forex, you can trade an amount that is many times the original cash on hand (margin) by utilizing leverage.

For example, if the margin is 100,000 yen, you can use 100 times the leverage to make the transaction amount 100 times the 100,000 yen, which is 10 million yen.

Leveraging improves investment efficiency and allows you to get the maximum profit with a small amount.

The higher the leverage, the higher the risk. Taking advantage of 100 times leverage and gaining 100 times profit means that you can also incur 100 times loss.

You may feel that high leverage is a high risk, but with the zero cut system adopted by IS6FX, even if the margin balance becomes negative due to forced loss cutting, there is no need for additional margin or deposit. Customers can operate leverage with low risk and peace of mind.

Achieved 1,000:1 leverage by maximizing profits with efficient investment

It's possible to trade 100 million yen with a leverage of 1,000 times and a margin of 100,000 yen!

The biggest attraction of IS6FX is that it provides Maximum leverage at the industry's highest level of 1,000 times.
If the margin is 10,000 yen and the leverage is 1,000 times, trading of 10 million yen will be possible, and if the margin is 100,000 yen, the possible transaction amount will be 100 million yen.
You can trade an amount that is many times the original cash on hand (margin) by utilizing high leverage.

In addition, IS6FX has prepared the industry's largest 6,000:1 leverage account.
Although there are usage restrictions due to the limited number of accounts, we can offer trading with extremely high leverage in the Forex industry.

High leverage feels high risk, but it is actually a low risk and profitable trading method.
It's obvious that the higher the leverage, the more the asset value of the account can fluctuate even with small exchange rate movements.
However, even in such an unforeseen situation, the margin free zero cut system used in IS6FX minimizes customer loss.
You can rest assured that you can concentrate on your trading as we will not reset your negative account and charge the difference.

By controlling the leverage well, you can start asset management of Forex trading with a small amount of funds.
IS6FX is committed to providing our customers with an attractive environment for traders.