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What is FX ( Forex Tradding )

FX (Forex Trading) is the biggest financial market that traders from all over the world are able to trade any where any time.
24 hours a day, 5 days a week (NY Standard Time), you will earn profits by trading currency pair.
As a attractive product which able to increase asset efficiently, this trading method gets supported by wide range of traders.

Benefits of trading at is6com

is6com takes the relationship with traders seriously.
We provide the transparency and trusted service that occurs by trading and every commission published on website.
Realize the leverage max 1,000 times
In is6com, it is possible to deal with world's highest level, leverage 1000 times!
And we use 0-cut-system that will not lose more than investment capital. You can have a position in a big way without worry.
Realize the quick contract rate
By our original system development, we achieved to show amazing number successfully, average contract speed 0.29 sec contract rate 99.46%.
We promise the "Trade whenever you want to trade exactly" execute trading to customers.
Trade at world's No.1 fluidity market
FX(Forex Trading) is world's the biggest financial market where you can trade the currency fluidity.
You can trade safely at FX without worrying about fluidity,place and time.
33 types of currency pairs
is6com provides 33 types of currency pairs.
From major currency, we handle exotic curreny that builts the minor pair.
Use Meta Trader 4
You can use the the most used Meta Trader 4 as a main of trading tool. We provide the comfortable trading environmet that "24hs quick any where, any time" by collaborating with various indicator, plentiful EA customize and applications of iPhone/Android.

is6com provides the environment for every traders from begginer to superior can use safely.

Also we take the relationship with traders seriously,
and we aim the evolving service that will respond to new needs.

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