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What is FX?

Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading) is trading that aims to profit by buying and selling fluctuations in foreign currencies.
Global trading volume is increasing every year, with more than $ 6.6 trillion in transactions per day.
The reason for its increasing popularity is that you can trade at any time and anywhere, and you can trade large amounts with a small amount of collateral by utilizing leverage.
Forex is an attractive financial product that can increase assets efficiently.

6 Benefits of Trading with IS6FX

Leverage of 1,000 times

We offer the industry's highest level of leverage of 1,000 times.
The higher the leverage, the less money you need to start trading.

Uses zero cut system

Even if a sudden change in the market causes a loss of more than the margin, IS6FX will absorb the negative amount.Since there is no loss beyond the margin, you can trade with confidence.

Achieve stable contracting ability

By increasing the server processing capacity, we provide stable and fastest contracting ability.We aim to achieve zero contract refusal with collaboration with numerous financial institutions

Extensive bonus campaigns

Weekly campaign to earn bonuses that can be used as margin.
By combining high leverage and bonuses, you can trade with low risk.

31 currency pairs

IS6FX offers 31 currency pairs.
We handle not only major currency pairs but also minor exotic currencies.

Uses MetaTrader4 (MT4)

We use "MetaTrader 4", the most widely used trading platform in the world.You can trade from your PC, smartphone, or web browser with IS6FX.We provide a positive trading experience "quickly, anytime, anywhere".

IS6FX provides an environment where all traders, from beginners to advanced users, can use it comfortably with peace of mind.
In addition, we are constantly aiming to further improve our services to gain and cement trust from traders as well as exceed their expectations.