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Methods of execution

Methods of execution

We provide the advanced financial trading service with our motto, "User-friendly, Sincere, Time-critical".
We will make all no-requote and no-contract rate denial orders happen within 1 sec execution.

What is execution?

Execution is a process from buy and sell market order to contract.
With development of the original, we succeeded to show an average contract speed 0.29 sec, contract rate 99.46%.
We will provide the exact order with Forex's best contract rate.

Our execution

  • With highest leverage 1000 times,
    earn the largest profit with a small sum.
  • 99.46% within 0.29 sec
    amazing contract speed
  • No hidden commision
    Sincere Trade
  • Even your account balance is negative
    A safety no remargin
  • After fell below 100% margin requirement,
    auto loss-cutting


Traders are able to order market, limit, stop and "MT4", a trading platform of stadard Fx quickly.
And we are prepared MT4 platform for iPhone, android and tablet so that you can trade anytime anywhere.

You can have order position with no limit and it provides the largest leverage 1000 times.
You can use high spec ordering system and get profits quickly even starting with small sum.

※Notice of trading (limit of order time and season)

Our priority is to provide the safe and fair trading environment to customers but there can be the thing that MT4 connection will rarely interrupted. (The frequency changes by your usage situation and environment)
In that case, new order and settlement order cannot proceed. So specify the stop limit order and protect the funds.
In addition, there is a case to stop an order when a bank rate was blown off carelessly or in the time when aggravation and the fluidity of the market environment decrease.

No hidden markup(commission)

Hidden markup is to collect commission behind the back of traders.
In is6com, we alwasys keep in mind to provide fair and sincere financial service. No hidden mark up. We promise the guarantee of trading environment with appropriate and fair spread (commission)
We think that customer's trust is our hope.

0 cut system

No margin and additional payment even in case of account balance went negative while trading.The negative amount will be offset from the bonus grant at any time in order to reset the total amount to zero.
Also, even if there are no bonuses, the account balance will be reset to zero once the additional funds have been received and it will be reflected on the deposited amount so there is no need to worry about more margin.
If you find that your balance remains unchanged (not resetted) even after waiting for a day, please contact support.

※No execution while keeping position

Auto loss-cutting

Auto loss-cutting is to loss cut automatically at point of margin rate decreases below constant rate to avoid loss enlargement when rapid market drop rarely happens. By forcing settlemet, we will protect traders's assets.
Loss-cut will carry out after your 50% margin requirement fell below. We can keep trader's loss to a minimum by doing auto loss-cutting from large position of paper loss.

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