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Over night position

Over night position

We offer swap points generated by overnight positions with fx's highest rate.

Our overnight position

  • Fx's highest
    Swap rate
  • Swap point without charge
  • Immediately reflect the latest current interest rate

about overnight position

Overnight position is to hold a new position and carry over to the next day or later without settling within the day. As the market for 24 hours, it will carry over as it does not have price movements as your expectations, when you want to wait and see.

About swap point

A swap point is one of the profits obtained with FX and interest rate differential between the two currencies. When you sell low interest currency, buy high interest currency and keep that position, you will receive swap points for the amount you keep and the period.
By mechanism of FX, swap points usually occur every day from the next business day holding the position.

Since interest rates moves everyday, please be aware that it may be necessary to pay in reverse depending on the increase or decrease of currencies to be traded.

About roll over

Rollover is to extend the settlement date of an open position. Foreign exchange transaction has rules to make settlement after 2 business days, and to extend the settlement date automatically when holding the position on next day or longer.

Rollover takes place at the time of Japan, 7 AM (in the case of Daylight Saving Time, 6 AM) at the NY market's closing time. At this point, swap point will be added to the open position.

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