Spreads for all currency pairs have been reduced

Thank you for your continued support of IS6FX.

IS6FX has reduced the spreads for all currency pairs effective Monday, Thursday 12, 2023.
We will continue to improve our service specifications starting with the reduction of spreads.
We have also reduced spreads for the popular currency pairs USD/JPY (USDJPY), EUR/USD (EURUSD), and Gold (XAUUAD).

Normal spreads for each currency will be changed as follows.
IS6FX spreads will be variable and the following are average spreads.

Currency Pairs After change
USDJPY 1.6pips
EURJPY 2.7pips
EURUSD 1.6pips
GBPJPY 2.9pips
GBPUSD 2.4pips
AUDJPY 3.0pips
AUDUSD 2.0pips
XAUUSD 3.4pips
AUDCAD 2.8pips
AUDCHF 2.7pips
AUDNZD 3.2pips
CADJPY 4.0pips
CHFJPY 3.4pips
EURAUD 4.0pips
EURCAD 2.8pips
EURCHF 2.7pips
EURGBP 2.1pips
EURNZD 4.5pips
EURZAR 295.0pips
GBPAUD 4.4pips
GBPCAD 5.2pips
GBPCHF 4.5pips
GBPNZD 7.2pips
NZDCAD 4.5pips
NZDCHF 4.5pips
NZDJPY 3.4pips
NZDUSD 3.3pips
SGDJPY 7.7pips
USDCAD 2.4pips
USDCHF 3.4pips
USDCNH 22.5pips
USDHKD 7.0pips
USDMXN 270.0pips
USDSGD 6.6pips
USDTRY 140.0pips
USDZAR 49.0pips
ZARJPY 5.1pips
XAGUSD 2.9pips
DAX 37.0pips
HK50 13.0pips
JP225 9.0pips
NASDAQ 28.0pips
SP500 8.9pips
UK100 40.0pips
US30 27.0pips
BRENT 0.7pips
WTI 0.7pips

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