We won the “Broker Of The Year Awards 2023” selected by Kaigai FX On Air!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our IS6FX.
IS6FX has been awarded the “Broker Of The Year Awards 2023” selected by Kaigai FX On Air.
We are very happy that you chose IS6FX among the many FX brokers out there.

Reason for award

The following are the main reasons why we were selected to receive this award.

  • Increase in the number of deposits and withdrawals and trading stocks, including virtual currencies
  • Introduction of point return system and gacha system through transactions
  • Introduction of 100% welcome bonus that can receive up to ¥60,000
  • Providing a total of 6 account types
  • Improved security and convenience

Following the award of Broker Of The Year Awards 2023

Thank you for choosing us for “Broker Of The Year Awards 2023”.
We are not satisfied with this and will continue to work hard to make our customers happy.
2023 was also a year in which we improved our services to customers, such as by strengthening point functions (credit exchange, product exchange).

We will continue to work to improve campaigns and services that will further satisfy our customers, and provide the best environment for traders to trade with peace of mind.

This award is also thanks to the customers who use IS6FX.
thank you very much.
Thank you for your continued support of IS6FX.

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