Notice of change of trading hours in February

Thank you for your continued patronage of our IS6FX. We would like to inform you that the stocks whose trading hours have changed in February have been added.

Please check the following for trading hours (MT4/MT5 hours).

Stock index HK50 06:00 Closed
Stock index HK50 Closed all day
Stock index HK50 Closed all day
Stock index DAX 23:00 Closed
JP225 20:00 Closed
SP500 20:00 Closed
NASDAQ 20:00 Closed
US30 20:00 Closed
VIX 18:30 Closed
Precious metal XAUUSD 21:30 Closed
XAUAUD 21:30 Closed
XAUEUR 21:30 Closed
XAUGBP 21:30 Closed
XAUJPY 21:30 Closed
XAGUSD 21:30 Closed
XAGAUD 21:30 Closed
XAGEUR 21:30 Closed
XPDUSD 21:30 Closed
XPTUSD 21:30 Closed
Energy WTI 21:30 Closed

Thank you for your continued support of IS6FX.