Lottery every day! Up to 200%deposit campaign

80% to 200%deposit bonus wins by lottery.
During the campaign period, a bonus will be presented for the first deposit.

The lottery is held once a day, and even those who have received the bonus once have the second win.

Campaign period

2023/02/06 07:00 (Mon) from ~
2023/02/11 07:00 (Sat) Until

Bonus target conditions

  • Customers who were elected to lottery

You can check the winning results by logging in to IS6FX and viewing the campaign page here.

Bonus target account

  • Standard account, EX account

Even in the above account type, the cashback account opened via FINALCASHBACK / Taritail is not eligible for bonuses.

Not eligible for bonus

  • Customers who have violated or who are suspected of violating the Terms of Service are not eligible for the deposit bonus campaign.
  • During the period from 2/4 (Sat) 17:00 campaign publication date until the campaign end date, the bonus will not be granted and carry out the withdrawal.

Payment bonus strength

  • Maximum margin 3 times

  • Increase the amount of transaction

  • You can aim for great profits

  • Profit can be withdrawn

Example of bonus granted

Winning rate Deposit amount Acquisition bonus Margin
80% ¥100,000 ¥80,000 ¥180,000
100% ¥100,000 ¥100,000 ¥200,000
200% ¥100,000 ¥200,000 ¥300,000


About deposit bonus

  • You can receive bonuses in any deposit method, but the bonus grant rate changes.
    Example: In the case of 100 % winning, credit card / bank transfer is 100 % and virtual currency deposit is 50 %
  • It cannot be used together with the bonus ticket bonus.
  • If you use a bonus ticket, bonus tickets are prioritized.
  • Only the first payment during the campaign period will be.
  • The bonus maximum amount is up to ¥300,000.
  • The bonus award can't be withdrawn! However, profits earned from trading with bonuses can.
  • Customers who have violated or who are suspected of violating the Terms of Service are not eligible for the deposit bonus campaign.
  • Customers using certain EA (such as averaging with Martingale method) for trading are not eligible for the bonus.
  • If it is an expensive payment there is a case where I am allowed to deliberation, please understand it.

About cancellation of bonuses

If the acts that are contrary to the terms of use or are suspicious, or the following acts are confirmed, the account is frozen if the bonus is canceled, the transaction canceled, the leverage regulation, and the maliciousness. I may do it.

  • High -risk transactions using bonuses
  • Transactions lacking fairness using bonuses in multiple accounts
  • If there are any actions that cause damage to us, such as arbitrage transactions using bonuses, other acts that fall under the price operation, and abuse of the market.
  • When the same or the same terminal is used in a different name or the same terminal, or if it is determined to operate multiple accounts.

We cannot guarantee the loss/profit caused by bonus cancellation, transaction cancellation, and leverage regulations. In addition, we will not respond to inquiries after execution, so please make a transaction that complies with the terms and conditions and guidelines.