IS6 point (ISP) up campaign

Campaign content

Increase the points that can be used for gacha, exchanging products, cash, and credit, will be increased for a limited time.

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You can now exchange for products and cash!

You can exchange products and cash with IS6 points (ISP).

Currently, it is provided with points (6%OFF) that can be exchanged for a limited time for a limited time (6%OFF).

Please take this opportunity to use the exchange.

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Campaign benefits

Double login points

The points you get when you log in will be doubled during the period.

1.5x points for transactions

Points for transactions will be 1.5 times during the period.

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Campaign period

2024/04/15 06:00 (Mon) from ~
2024/04/20 06:00 (Sat) Until

About IS6 points (ISP)

What is IS6 points!?

IS6 Points (ISP) are points that can be earned by logging into the IS6FX home page and trading.
There is no upper limit on the acquisition points, and the more transactions you have, the more points you can get.

How to use IS6 points!?

You can spin Gacha with IS6 points or exchange them for credits.
The gacha prizes offer up to 600% deposit bonus.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Transactions with a position holding time of less than 10 minutes are not eligible for points (ISP).
  • Accounts via FINALCASHBACK/TariTari are not eligible for points (ISP).
  • If you have yet to earn any points for 60 days from the last date you received them, the earned points (ISP) will expire.

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