Trader FAQ

Information on trading hours for the New Year holidays

Thank you for your continued patronage of our IS6FX.
There are only a few left in 2020.
We sincerely hope that all IS6FX customers will have a happy New Year holidays.

We will inform you about the trading hours for the year-end and New Year holidays.

Please note that the FX market is closed and trading is not possible during the following trading hours.
* Display time is Japan time.

date Trading time
2020/12/24 (Thr) Normal business
2020/12/25 (Fri) Closed AM3: 00 (MT 4 hours 12/24 20:00)
2020/12/28 (Mon) -2020/12/31 (Thr) Normal business
2021/01/01 (Fri) Closed AM6: 00 (MT 4 hours 12/31 23:00)
2021/01/04 (Mon) Normal business

The year-end and New Year holidays for IS6FX are as follows.

Business content Period
Email support 2020/12/25 (Fri) ・ 2021/01/01 (Fri)
Payment reception business Accept at any time (in the case of domestic bank deposit, it is the same as the bank business day)
Withdrawal reception business 2020/12/25 (Fri) ・ 2021/01/01 (Fri)

Thank you for your continued support of IS6FX.